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Just Tell - Empowering Kids to Speak Up about Sexual Abuse



If You Are Being Sexually Abused, Please Click the Button Below.

Please Click Here for Help and Information

If you think you are being sexually abused: we want to encourage you to choose an adult in your life who you trust and to tell that adult about the abuse. To help you understand what abuse is, whether you are being sexually abused and why you should tell someone please go here for helpful information.

If you are a teen and want to help JustTell: please check out how to form your own Street Team below, or join our Virtual Street Team on Facebook.

If you are an adult and would like to help youth who are being sexually abused, you can explore our site for ways to get involved that interest you. Please read ‘help a child who is being sexually abused’. Contact us or donate to make a difference right now.

The Vision of JustTell

JustTell envisions a world in which children who are molested immediately turn to a trusted adult figure in their lives and tell them of the abuse. That trusted adult has information to help the child though the next steps so that the abuse is stopped and the abuser is prevented from harming other children.

In our vision, children do not have to bear the scars of unrevealed and repeated abuse, the consequences of which have been repeatedly shown to include higher-than-average rates of: drug and alcohol abuse, self-destructive behaviors, guilt and shame.

JustTell Street Teams

JustTell gets the word out to kids through teams of teen volunteers called Street Teams. Teens build their own Street Teams of 3 to 5 volunteers. The JustTell Street Teams decide where they want to go: places like Concerts, the Mall, or other places where kids hang out. They wear our JustTell Street Teams T shirts and pass out free materials like stickers and our informational wallet cards. To-date, over 130 Street Teams have been launched.

If you want to start a new Street Team please email:

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